Biblically Responsible Investing: What You Need To Know

Eric Schrum |

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Christian Retirement Show! In today’s episode we discuss Biblically responsible investing- What it is, pros & cons, and how we at Schrum Private Wealth Management implement BRI for our clients.

Show Outline:

What is Biblically Responsible Investing?

Biblically responsible investing is the process of investing your money in companies whose business practices align with biblical values. Another way to think of BRI is screening out companies who engage in practices which are contrary to biblical values. Often these values are things such as companies who profit from abortion pharmaceuticals, engage in slavery within their supply chains, profit from pornography, the current gender trends, all the way to possible alcohol, tobacco, and gambling sales.

What are pros & cons of Biblically Responsible Investing?

•    Christian’s now have an option to align their faith & finances
•    Be part of a growing movement with better investment selection
•    Enact change in the culture through investing

•    Higher fees than average
•    Mostly Actively Managed Investments
•    Can be marketed in a legalistic way.

If you are interested in how you can implement Biblically Responsible Investing in your portfolio, we’d love to help. Visit or email me at

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