7 Best Ways To Save Money In 2022!

Eric Schrum |

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s show! For today’s episode I thought we would discuss something that is always on everyone’s mind and also is more light hearted than last week’s episode. Which if you missed I highly recommend going back and listening to because we discussed the tragic situation in Ukraine happening right now and how that might affect your retirement. Plus, in that episode I share 2 strategies you can employ as a retirement saver or retiree to combat volatility and global uncertainty to ensure you are growing but also protecting your money for your future.

7 Best Ways to Save Money in 2022:

1)    Track your expenses not your budget
2)    Put together a plan to pay off debt
3)    Meal plan the week ahead
4)    Put together a savings plan
5)    Cancel unused subscriptions
6)    Don’t shop at brand name stores
7)    Find fun things to do in your hometown that don’t cost a fortune!

I had a blast putting together this list, so please share what you do to save money and enhance your life at the same time!

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