The #1 Threat To Your Retirement Investments & How To Thwart It.

Eric Schrum |

On this week’s Christian Retirement Show CFP® Professional Eric Schrum talks about the number 1 threat to your retirement investments and how to thwart it!

Recently Dalbar, INC. released a shocking study that has high importance to retirement savers. Dalbar’s study showed that while the SP 500 over a 20 year period returned over 6% per year, the average stock market investor returned just over 4%. A gap of almost 2% per year.

But the news get’s worse. A a retirement investor and saver you are likely in that camp! But don’t worry, Eric shares 3 ways to overcome this retirement risk.

First, Eric Shares that the foundation of winning in investing and retirement planning is to have a written financial plan that acts as a map for all of your financial decisions.

Second, Eric shares that often the best course of action is scary markets is actually taking no action at all! As Gene Fama says “Your money is like a bar of soap, the more you handle it the less you’ll have.”

Finally, Eric shares that having a basic education on the history of the stock market can help demonstrate that although sometimes market downturns feel scary, history shows us markets recover and grow over the long term!


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